Here at Active Floorsanding Services we have a massive range of services to meet your flooring needs – whatever they may be!

From simple floor sandings to carpet removals, floor colourings and oil finishes, our services range really does have something for everyone. No matter what you are after, we are sure to offer it so scroll down and check out some of our fantastic services for yourself today!

Also, don’t forget we offer free quotes Auckland wide and service ALL of Auckland and *afar with work sometimes taking us out as far north as Leigh and as far south as Papakura and Pukekohe! We will come to your site, measure the floor, advise on the best course of action, provide a colour chart if needed and then once the decision has been made on what you, the customer, wants to do with the floor a quote will be emailed the same day and work will commence.


Floor sanding

You don’t need to do anything dramatic to add character and value to your property. Simply have your timber floors sanded and recoated for a new and refreshed look. It gives your property that classic-modern appearance you’ve always been after – especially good prior to putting your property on the market.

7 good reasons why you should have your floors sanded and polyurethaned:

  • Adds life to your floors
  • Timber floors add value to your property
  • Timber flooring lasts longer than carpet, vinyl, tiles, and other laminate floorings
  • It’s ideal for people with allergies and other sensitivities – no more carpet mites or other nasties!
  • Easy to maintain and dust-free
  • Avoid carpet stains that are hard to remove – good for rental properties
  • Simple re-coats make your floors look refreshed and new again

Polyurethane Finishes

Using only the most quality European and New Zealand range of waterborne polyurethanes, Active Floor Sanding offer customers a virtually smell-free and dust-free service. Because it’s water-based, you’ll get a clear finish that brings out the natural colours and grains of the timber. It’s also non- toxic and non-flammable which makes it fast drying and you won’t have that strong chemical odour lingering behind for weeks.

Waterbourne Polyurethane features include:

  • Built in UV filter for added protection from the harsh rays of the sun
  • High wear resistance
  • Non-toxic and non-flammable – safe for family and pets

Floor Preparation

Here at Active Flooring Services we take care of it all.

We will do all your sanding preparation work that is needed before laying carpet, vinyl, cork, tiles or new overlay timber flooring. We sand board seams or can sand the entire floor if necessary (this is called a builders cut), we’ll even lift your carpets and underlandays and dispose of them appropriately!

Oil Finishes

All our oil finishes are done using natural wood oils which are ideal for flooring. All oils are suitable for raw wood floors, solid or engineered, solid cork flooring and are rated for use on radiant heat floor systems.

Features Include:

  • Quick drying and easy to apply with either a buffer, trowel or roller
  • Enhances the colour and grain of the wood
  • Chemical resistant, non-flammable
  • 98% solid
  • All oils are VOC compliant
  • Easily spot repaired
  • Easy to clean, similar to other wood floor cleaning procedures

**Ideal for those extremely high traffic areas such as nightclubs, pubs, bars, restaurants, airports etc…

Rubbish Removal

A lot of rubbish can be gathered from our work, in the form of dust, sand paper and empty polyurethane containers. That’s why you can rest assured in the knowledge we take care of it all! We will dispose of all site rubbish correctly and efficiently for you so that you can kick back, relax and know that we have the job taken care of.

Also, all our work vehicles are serviced every 10,000km so NO nasty oil leaks will be left on your driveway once we have left your property.

We dispose of ALL our rubbish including the disposal of the carpets and underlays that we lift in preparation for the floorsanding.

Timber Staining

Here at Active Floorsanding Services we have two different manners of timber staining available to you, our valued customer:

Water Borne Staining

Water borne staining has become a very popular way of colouring your floors with the freedom a non toxic smelling polyurethane, that is safe for your family & pets. Creating a striking darker floor to match your decor and furniture, water borne staining is ideal for homes of darker tones and coloring.


This is the white wash effect that has become extremely popular in modern homes. White stain is added to a water-borne polyurethane. Different timbers however require a different number of blonded coats. Ideal option for lighter timbers such as pine, oak, tawa, kauri etc.


Commonly known as maintenance coats, this is the cost effective way to bring new life into your existing floors!

This process is 99% dust free where we will wash your floors down with hot water and detergent before lightly disc backing the floor. Following on from this, over the course of the next 2 days we will apply 2 coats of water borne polyurethane to the finish of your choice – gloss, satin or matte – to make it all come together.

**Please be aware however that a reglaze cannot be done on a floor that has worn through to the bare timber.

Water Sealing

With the recent increase in the leaky buildings saga, water sealing has become even more popular and necessary than ever.

Before you lay carpet or thin board for vinyl or tiles, we will fill all the cracks and holes in your floor with epoxy filler – eliminating those airy drafts. We will then give the particle or plywood a leveling sand commonly known as a builder’s cut before applying a water-borne polyurethane. This seals all the pores of the wood and protects your underlying floor against water damage, rot and swelling for years to come.

Halls & Gymnasiums

Halls, gymnasiums and other large commercial spaces such as pubs, bars, restaurants and nightclubs are also areas we focus on.

We understand these large areas are more susceptible to high foot traffic and because of this we have procedures to combat this and ultimately provide a long lasting floor.

Northcote College, Auckland Museum, St Johns Church Northcote, City Life Hotel, Bathroom & Kitchen showrooms are just some of the large projects undertaken by us here at Active Floorsanding Services.*


Our prices vary job to job and are based on a square metre rate.

Each job is assessed on the following criteria:

  • Square metre-age of the floor.
  • Type of flooring. (ie; T&G, parquet, particle board)
  • Condition of floor. (ie; new or old), including the removal and disposal of existing carpets, vinyl and tiles.
  • Number of coats required & type of coating requested – water borne polyurethane or natural oil???
  • Extras including staining, blonding, nail hole filling, epoxy filling etc.

Minimum charge for small areas.
For very small areas we have a minimum charge policy. If the total square area falls within 15 square metres then we will charge our minimum flat fee.